Customer Success: ONB

  • BILL PAYMENT Via Mobile
  • SECURITY & Reliability
  • REAL TIME Services

Facts & Figures

  • Customers: 460,000+
  • Cards: 200,000
  • Branch Network: 17
  • ATM network: 85

The Challenge

Omdurman National Bank were challenged to find the best solution that would enable them to provide bill payment for essential services to customers, helping to ensure security of supply.

Given the prevalence of mobile phone usage, their aim was to connect to the electricity provider system to provide real time electricity meter top up to prepaid accounts via SMS technology. This would enable outreach to the maximum amount of customers, with function enabled on all phone types.

The Bank was keen to address the need amongst both current and prospective customers for innovative, tailored solutions. With this in mind, Omdurman National Bank turned to CR2 to identify services that could help them exceed client’s expectations.

The Solution

BankWorld enables banks to provide advanced services such as bill payment that can be done at any touch point.The premium solution has the ability to connect to external providers’ networks giving real time services. CR2 provided Omdurman National Bank with their BankWorld Mobile technology which enables customers to top up their prepaid electricity account by simply sending a text message.

To sign up for the service – customers need to preregister one or many meter numbers, in addition to their mobile phone number with the bank. To proceed to purchase a pre-paid electricity voucher with CR2’s SMS bill payment solution, customers simply send an SMS message to their bank using the command: (Meter number)-(Amount). The request is sent online to the electricity provider who in response issues a unique code to validate the transaction.

The customer will receive a confirmation by SMS to confirm their payment. This ensures an offering that provides both security and reliability. If the case arises, whereby there is a need to refund their account, customers may do this quickly by simply sending another SMS command.

The Result

Omdurman National Bank successfully launched this service in 2011. In doing so, the Bank has been a true pioneer in its field by offering customers the ability to pre-pay for electricity using SMS technology.