Customer Success: Standard Bank

    ATM regional controls
    Brand harmony across all countries
    Centralised operations

The Challenge

Standard Bank were challenged to find an efficient yet cost effective solution whereby it could respond to client needs while also realising its strategic vision of becoming a corner stone international bank in Africa in terms of size, profitability and relevance.

Furthermore, the bank needed to meet local regulatory conditions in every country in which they had a presence whilst also being able to control their entire network from their headquarters.

The bank identified the ATM channel as a means to differentiate themselves utilising self-service technology which they recognised as a key success factor for leading global banks. Standard Bank also faced issues in terms of its extensive network of back office systems and how to manage and link to them effectively.

The Solution

Pending an industry-wide vendor review, CR2 was selected on a long-term basis by the bank. CR2 was to provide them with the specified ATM capabilities across a network of over 800 ATMs in 11 African countries with diverse characteristics.

The bank is using the following components:

BankWorld Channel Manager connects to Standard Banks multiple back office systems and provides a unique customer information file to the Bank’s staff, as well as an integrated platform to manage self-service channels.

CR2’s ATM Manager enables the bank’ staff to manage and monitor their entire ATM estate and devices from a single point, with the listing or graphical view of their network status and detailed insight on their devices status and availability.

BankWorld Hub: The multi-country nature of the bank’s ATM network was a challenge easily overcome by BankWorld Hub. The Bank set up a hub in South Africa which enabled them to monitor and distribute data to devices across their network in 11 different countries. In addition to this, CR2 helped the bank to build host systems in each of their markets to meet individual country regulations whilst continually communicating with their main hub located at their headquarters.

BankWorld ATM Studio: With intuitive functionality which is as simple to use as drag and drop, this system allows the bank to create and launch their own ATM screen branding quickly and easily.

BankWorld ATM Distributor: This powerful tool enables the Bank’s staff to collect or deploy files into any segment of the ATM network. This fits well with their multi-country model to disperse new software and updates in a timely manner.

BankWorld ATM Custodian: Staff within branches have control over a number of ATMs, in branch or within a perimeter, and can manage these ATMs from their desktop. BankWorld ATM Custodian can provide media, service and device status as well as giving a view of cash levels, captured cards and supply ATM reports. This not only results in cost savings, it also improves ATM uptime as local branches can manage their own machines.

BankWorld ATM Support Tool: The bank’s Operational Team is able to support nearly all ATM issues remotely, enabling operational efficiency and cost savings at the same time. Issues are immediately identified and the right resources are deployed to site, only if required.

The Result

  • Reduction of operational costs by managing ATM networks efficiently
  • ATM uptime increased
  • Easy and fast launch of unique products and services fully integrated to numerous back office systems
  • Quick implementation
  • Peace of mind with higher service availability via remote monitoring of the ATM network. Staff are empowered to undertake tasks that would otherwise need physical attendance at the ATM to complete
  • Industry standards compliance: EMV, 3DES, and PA-DSS
  • Powerful multi-country management capabilities realised to support expansion strategy of the bank
  • Customer Satisfaction: the bank’s customers can enjoy improved availability of ATMs and advanced services which can be done via self-service
  • Improved Brand Image: the bank was able to reinforce its leading position and image across Africa, now having room to grow rapidly with a stable and efficient system