Digital Banking

At CR2 we deliver solutions that help our customers to lead in their markets.

Our Digital Banking offering is a rich and innovative suite of mobile and internet banking channels built on a powerful digital banking platform.
We empower banks to design and launch new products and services that delivers an enhanced customer experience which drives retention and revenues with a lower cost to serve.

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Powering three propositions

Retail Banking

Focus on enhancing customer experiences and digital offerings, driving customer engagement and loyalty.

Business Banking

Includes robust solutions for financial management, enabling businesses to streamline their operations and optimize financial processes.

Agency Banking

Tailored to specific geographies, ensuring financial inclusion and expanding the reach of banking services.


A comprehensive out-of-the box solution supported by world class integration and delivery.

Single Platform to reach multiple customer types: today banks are looking to extend their digital offering to both retail as well as business customers. CR2 have proved excellent in satisfying this need by offering a common platform to reach all customer types.

Support the entire Customer Life Cycle: digital has always been about self service but today it’s also about assisted service. CR2 pre integrates digital customer service capabilites so customers can seamlessly engage with their financial institution without leaving the institutions digital property.

Embrace Open Ecosystems and Marketplace: we are pre-integrating with 3rd party applications in a selective manner so that we can enable ready-made functionalities without compromising security, time and cost.

Omnichannel Engagement: CR2 has an omnichannel customer engagement platform. It delivers a single system of customer interaction that serves all points of engagement – digital self service, card, branch, ATM and social.

Integrated payments: banks wants to face the challenges raised by Apple Pay, Google Pay and other X pays. CR2 enables digital banking and payments convergence by digitization of existing cards and rolling out virtual / disposable card products for online multicurrency payments, mobile contactless payments, remittances, and access to wider payment ecosystems.