CR2’s Digital Wallet solution enables consumers to easily and instantly make purchases or send and receive money through their smartphone.

For banks, digital wallet offers strategic competitive advantages:

  • Accelerate growth of digital customer base
  • Excellent recruitment to reach new customer segments
  • Compete within the digital wallet market
  • Solve for financial inclusion 
  • Execute a digital payment strategy

Powering three propositions

Wallet Banking

Cards for Wallet

Agency Wallet

Digital Wallet introduction

Benefits of Digital Wallet

Digital Wallet features

  • Merchant payments (NFC and QR) and e-commerce
  • P2P
  • bill payments
  • pull payments
  • The services are available in multiple languages so that customers can operate in their language of choice.
  • A portal for bank staff to complete KYC (Know Your Customer) registrations at branches allow for quick and seamless onboarding.
  • System limits allow the bank to define how much can be held in a wallet account. Once these limits are exceeded the excess is moved into an overflow account.
  • Overflow accounts for non-bank customers are also BankWorld accounts shared in a single pooled back office account.
  • Existing bank customers can nominate another account as their overflow account

Wallet Funding

  • Another bank account
  • Visa, Mastercard or Amex card
  • Agent
  • At the ATM
  • Through the wallet
  • Cash-in at branch
  • Remittances
  • Bulk loading


  • Request a bill/ subscription
  • Add a new bill
  • Pay through QR Code
  • Pay a merchant through NFC
  • Buy a ticket
  • Pay through a payment link
  • Pay 3rd party fee
  • Request money from another user
  • Send money to another user