Dashen Bank wished to strengthen their position in the Ethiopian market and build their digital customer base. They sought to create a digital platform that offered a broad range of products and services via digital payments, which also seamlessly integrated to their digital banking channel. The bank partnered with Moneta Technologies and set about developing a digital wallet for the Ethiopian market.

Amole allows both retail and business customers to access an extensive range of rich content available to purchase via electronic payments and money transfer options, across one of Africa’s largest and fastest-growing economies. It offers ease of use and convenience when purchasing airline tickets (Ethiopian Airlines), school fees, retail payments, eCommerce, concert tickets, taxi cabs, mobile top ups, DSTV bills and more.

The platform offers a set of access points that are relevant to the Ethiopian market today which include USSD, mobile app, internet, social media and Agency Banking and offers an easy onboarding process, allowing users to self-register over a range of channels.

For banks such as Dashen, AMOLE offers incredible potential including:

  • Process high volumes of new customers
  • Dramatically increase deposit mobilisation
  • Domestic payments and international transfers
  • Position the bank as the dominant force in Ethiopia’s payment space
  • Differentiate locally by offering:
    • Seamless integration between the Digital Wallet and the Dashen bank account
    • Self-service registration, omnichannel experience and a 360 view of the customers
    • A rich network of products and services that is demanded and relevant to millions of Ethiopians today, leading to high levels of customer loyalty, stickiness and high active daily user rates.

AMOLE has transformed Dashen’s digital customer base with almost 4 million accounts already registered on the platform.