CR2 Continues to Drive Innovation as Cardless ATM Access Goes Live in Eight countries

6 Dec 2021
CR2 Continues to Drive Innovation as  Cardless ATM Access Goes Live in Eight countries

It’s a major concern for banking customers worldwide in this time of a global pandemic – how can they access their daily banking needs without touching surfaces such as ATMs?  

CR2 ( enables you to respond to these concerns and allow your banking customers to withdraw cash without physically touching the ATM, by simply scanning a QR Code on the ATM using their mobile phone.

One of the world’s leading digital banking and payments platform provider, CR2, today announced that it has provided this zero-touch ATM cash withdrawal solution for one of the most progressive banks in the African continent today, a solution that protects and reassures customers.

Now live in eight countries, the cardless solution allows customers to leave their cards in their wallets and withdraw cash using their mobile phones.  It’s safe, secure, quick and convenient. No card is required and there is no need to worry about touching public surfaces.

Using their mobile banking app, customers simply;

  • Approach the ATM
  • Scan the ATM screen QR code using their mobile banking app
  • Select the account they wish to access and the amount
  • The ATM performs a QR code cash dispense

This win-win solution for the bank and their customers has been rolled out in Mauritius, Seychelles, Uganda, Ghana, Tanzania, Zambia, Kenya and Botswana.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of digital banking as customers seek to bank safely, in a bid to avoid the virus. However, the ATM remains an important access channel for cash.  CR2’s BankWorld ATM client intersects the physical channel with the bank’s own mobile banking app to provide a cardless, safe access to cash.  The solution is available on all BankWorld ATM Clients, and seamlessly integrates with the existing card management system and mobile app deployed within the bank.

CR2 CEO Fintan Byrne, commented: “COVID-19 is a once in a century event, demanding innovation and rapid problem-solving from banks that have to respond to urgent customer concerns and behavioural changes.  We listened to our customers and responded quickly to their needs with a solution that intersects this physical channel with digital banking”.

We are currently working with banks in Africa, Asia and the Middle East on further innovations that will be at the heart of the next generation of ‘Super Apps’ – as customer needs change and technology provides solutions to challenges that are still over the horizon“.

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