CR2’s BankWorld Mobile App driving rapid customer acquisition levels

19 Dec 2018
CR2’s BankWorld Mobile App driving rapid customer acquisition levels

CR2, one of the world’s leading providers of retail banking software, has reported strong adoption rates of its mobile app in Ethiopia, which is used, among other channels, to access the Amole digital wallet, a pioneering mobile payment platform offered by Dashen Bank. Amole is attracting over 50,000 new customers each month, with over a quarter of a million subscribers signed up since its launch in July 2018.

CR2 also announced new transformational capabilities that will further drive adoption rates for banks wishing to grow their customer base and increase revenues.  By introducing end-to-end digitisation of the entire onboarding, KYC (Know your Customer) and account opening process, CR2’s BankWorld Mobile App allows banks to avail of mobile onboarding capabilities, collect relevant KYC details in the app and register non-bank customers in minutes.

This latest version helps banks across Africa, the Middle East and Asia achieve full digital transformation through innovative customer-focused financial technology that drives growth and profitability.

Integrated with Secure Messaging via the BankWorld Mail service, customers of the bank can easily communicate with bank staff, upload documents and files safely, and access options for a designated Personal Banker.

To provide maximum customer engagement, the Mobile App’s user interface is built with multi-language support.

BankWorld Mobile App offers significant benefits to banks:

  • Onboarding: Drive customer acquisition with integrated KYC and account opening features.
  • Payments: Manage and schedule payments and transfers along with a convenient option of instantly sending cash to anyone by texting a code to the recipient, who can collect the cash at an ATM or lodge to their account.
  • Sales: In-App campaign advertising with direct actionable responses along with account opening allow the bank to significantly improve account to customer ratios.
  • Communications: Engage with your customer via BankWorld Mail, a secure messaging channel inside the App, online chat, Facebook feed merged with live news feed, ticker tape for financial information, contact centre links and online chat.
  • Personal Financial Management (PFM): Graphically assign, analyse and visualise spending by type and track account balances.
  • Personalisation: Increase customer adoption with personalised features including name and address, passwords, preferred language and personal photo.  Notification updates of account activity, rate movements and bank news.
  • Card Control: View credit and debit cards within the app; turn off your card when not in use; and report lost or stolen cards directly from the app.
  • Multi-language support
  • Convenience:
    • Nearest branch and ATM locator: Convenient real-time Augmented Reality branch, ATM and kiosk locator tools
    • Access to account balance without having to log in: View account balance directly from the home screen, without even starting the app.
    • Convenient login options: Faster and more convenient login options with Biometric fingerprint and facial login options
    • Continued access to banking even with no data connection: The app presents an indicator if the phone has no data connection and can be configured to offer a link to backup USSD service if desired.

Fintan Byrne, CEO of CR2 commented “we are delighted to see real market evidence that our BankWorld Mobile App is helping to accelerate new customer acquisition in markets such as Ethiopia.  Native onboarding and KYC capabilities means that banks can rapidly expand their customer base at a fraction of the cost offered by a traditional branch and reach significant population levels via mobile that were previously unreachable”.