Egypt’s largest private sector bank, CIB, continues its digital transformation strategy with CR2’s mobile banking app

13 Jan 2020
Egypt’s largest private sector bank, CIB, continues its digital transformation strategy with CR2’s mobile banking app
January 13th, 2020, Dublin, Ireland: CR2 has announced that CIB (Commercial International Bank), Egypt has delivered its latest digital transformation objective with the launch of a powerful, innovative mobile banking service via a new application that offers customers an unrivalled customer experience, gives them greater control and convenience for managing their finances.

The rollout of this latest digital banking initiative represents a significant point in the roadmap of CIB’s digital transformation strategy.  Delivering a greater customer experience that strengthens the customer relationship is achieved through a range of high impact services and features including customer onboarding, advanced self-service features and a comprehensive range of payment and remittance services that allow CIB customers to participate in the growing world of digital payments.  The CIB banking app is currently ranked in 1st place in terms of number of downloads in the app store in Egypt.

The mobile banking service is powered by the underlying CR2’s digital banking platform, BankWorld, enabling rapid deployment of new services in a secure and highly scalable environment.

Fintan Byrne, CEO of CR2 commented: “This next-generation upgrade marks a significant step for mobile banking and payments in Egypt”.

“By adapting the highest-performing technology and award-winning design, CIB can offer the best mobile channel experience available on the market today,” added Byrne.

Mohamed Farag, Deptuy Chief Operating Officer, stated: “With the highest market share and adoption rate in mobile banking in Egypt, mobile banking service is a key investment priority for CIB and part of our overall digital transformation strategy.  It has become the primary access point for our customers.  We wish to continue to deliver the most innovative and positive experience to our growing digital customer base, and we are pleased to continue our relationship with CR2 to deliver on our strategic objectives”.




About CR2

CR2 enables banking and payment services for more than 100 global, regional and national banks across 60 countries in the world today.  CR2’s powerful digital banking, ATM and payments platform enables banks to engage with their customers through integrated channels and innovative services.

About CIB

CIB is the largest private sector bank and the third largest in the Egyptian banking sector.  It is an award-wining institution that has been operating for more than 40 years.

The Bank is listed on the EGX, and London Stock Exchange, and is traded on OTCQX.