International Islamic Bank, Iraq, selects CR2’s BankWorld to transform their Digital Banking Solutions

31 Jul 2023
International Islamic Bank, Iraq, selects CR2’s BankWorld to transform their Digital Banking Solutions

CR2 are delighted to announce the signature of a strategic partnership with International Islamic Bank (IMTB) in Iraq. This partnership represents a significant milestone for International Islamic Bank, that will transform the bank’s digital banking services across the Iraqi market.

The collaboration between CR2 and International Islamic Bank will deliver secure and enhanced digital banking services for both Retail and Business customers with excellent user experience, simple payment processes, and access wide range of banking services anytime, anywhere.

This partnership will also introduce a new mobile banking channel for IMTB, that responds to trends toward mobile banking across the world.  This innovative mobile banking solution will empower customers to perform transactions, manage their accounts and access a wide range of banking services directly from their smartphones.

Built on CR2’s flexible platform – BankWorld, the partnership will also provide the agility to introduce new products and services that meet local market needs both now and in the future. This strategic advantage will drive digital adoption among the existing customer base, attract new Retail customers seeking innovative banking solutions, and better serve the Business Banking segments.

Aligned with the vision of Iraq’s Central Bank for digital banking, International Islamic Bank is taking a leading position to drive digital transformation by expanding its digital banking footprint.

Kieran Kilcullen, Chief Commercial Officer, CR2 commented, “We are delighted to sign this partnership with International Islamic Bank to deliver their new digital banking experience. We welcome the opportunity to share our experience and innovation from markets across the globe. The banking and payments landscape continues to change, we see a lot of opportunities for banks that take leadership positions with innovative, secure, user-friendly digital solutions that empower their customers to succeed.”

Commenting on the partnership Suha Al-Kifaee, IMTB CEO, “It is important that we at International Islamic Bank (IMTB) continue to develop and innovate on behalf of our customers. This partnership with CR2 will provide the platform to do this at scale. We see the demand for digital and mobile banking solutions increase, in line with what is happening across the globe. This relationship will ensure that IMTB creates leading solutions for both our Retail and Business customers.”


About CR2

CR2 is a leader in digital banking and payments. The business powers over 90 successful bank implementations in more than 50 countries across the world. BankWorld, their core digital banking and payments platform, offers the broadest capabilities in market and uniquely integrates their Digital Banking, Digital Wallet and Payments Hub (Card Issuing, ATM Driving, Merchant Acceptance). In addition, CR2’s Partner Ecosystem combines the confidence of BankWorld with access to easy plug-in, third-party Fintech innovations.

In simple terms, CR2 helps financial service providers to build around consumers with technology that supports both customer experience and an ability to deliver consistently.

If you think financial services cannot innovate quickly, THINK again.

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About International Islamic Bank

The International Islamic Bank was established as an independent financial entity, offering a wide range of services that meet the needs of individuals, institutions and companies, in addition to the basic services represented in personal and commercial accounts, Islamic Murabaha, investment funding, opening credit letters, credit operations and on-line guarantee letters, in addition to various electronic services.

We proceed based on a concentrated economic banking vision towards providing innovation and digital technology (banking) in managing funds remotely through an administrative staff specialized in the field of banking information management technology and creating an integrated digital banking environment that comes through the case study outcome of global development (governance) mixed with the need of the market and business management for promoting an advanced and solid digital banking economy throughout the Iraqi market, the region and the rest of the world.

We are also proud of obtaining a 91% assessment for the quality of services from the Central Bank of Iraq, a certificate of evaluation of 4/5 for (governance) practices and institutional innovation, and some important international awards, including the award for the best bank in the diversity of services and products in Iraq in 2022 by the International Federation of Arab Bankers, and other awards and participations.

Join us to shape the future of banks in Iraq.

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Zeina Abu Saada – Product Marketing Manager, CR2