Internet Banking 3.0 Now Available

4 Jun 2021
Internet Banking 3.0 Now Available

Our latest innovation in internet banking aligns standard design across our digital banking suite. BankWorld Internet 3.0 has undergone a revamp and has been re-designed based on Material Design guidelines and Angular – one of the most popular modern platforms for web application development.  Advancing the product with this underlying architecture strengthens security, enhances the user experience, provides high performance and scalability and ease of configuration for customized requirements.

Internet Banking 3.0 Delivers

  • Consistency of experience in Mobile and Internet banking
  • Enhanced user experience, responsive design, touch friendly support
  • Speed of Navigation
  • Off the shelf templates with choice of colour themes
  • Highly Configurable
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Enables faster upgrades/innovations
  • Enhanced Security
  • More efficient on resources

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