Ovum advises banks to put CR2 on their Radar in its most recent report

7 Nov 2016
Ovum advises banks to put CR2 on their Radar in its most recent report
After evaluating CR2 and its BankWorld platform, analyst firm Ovum has recommended that banks put CR2 on their Radar when it comes to their physical and digital banking strategy. This latest ‘On the Radar’ report assesses CR2’s digital channel offering as well as CR2’s ATM and kiosk solutions, assessing and explaining how CR2’s channel software can produce an all-round better customer experience.Below are some quotes from “On the Radar” highlighting why Ovum are advising banks to take note of CR2;

  • “The digital banking marketplace is relatively crowded, with a number of firms active in the more mature and emerging markets. CR2 has a well-established offering in the digital channel space, BankWorld, covering digital banking. The company distinguishes itself from other players targeting emerging markets (…) with its understanding and commitment to the digital channel strategy that is central to many banks in the region: kiosk banking and ATMs.”
  • “CR2 is one of the few companies capable of delivering an integrated channel experience that also includes ATMs and kiosks.”
  • “In many emerging markets, it is not enough for banks to provide digitally advanced mobile and Internet services because the ATM is central to the way customers interact with banks.”
  • “CR2’s digital channel solutions include not only Internet, mobile, and tablet banking, but also ATM and kiosk banking, making its offering especially attractive to markets where this is central to customer self-service expectations.”