A Powerful Card Management System…

BankWorld Cards offers an end-to-end card management system that enables banks to issue and manage a variety of debit and prepaid cards.

A flexible card management solution for issuing, fraud monitoring, clearing and settlement and lifecycle processing. It conforms to all required standards and supports a range of EMV card applications including VSDC, MChip 4, CPP and China Union.

BankWorld Cards offers a single platform to fully control the entire card process making it fast, simple and efficient.

Card Issuing & Production to power more revenue…

Centralise the issuing and production of cards for better control and improved customer experience

BankWorld offers a flexible card production system that enables banks to issue proprietary and globally branded cards such as Visa and Mastercard. By managing the issuing and production of cards in-house, you can considerably increase customer satisfaction as cards can be produced and given to customers right away.

Our solution enables your authorised staff to manage an account, create a card, set up the rules and regulations, manage limits and issue a ready to use card to customers in just a few minutes. It also supports dynamic multi-lingual and multi-currency capabilities. 

Your bank can directly control all aspects of card production including:

  • data encryption
  • magnetic stripe encoding
  • card embossing
  • pin mailing
  • printing card carriers and interfacing to card management systems

Prepaid cards solutions to deliver customer convenience & increased revenue…

CR2’s prepaid cards solutions provide an excellent cross-sell opportunity in addition to a customer’s main bank account. This provides consumers with a simple and secure card-based account to facilitate payments.

Prepaid cards offer banks the ability to generate revenue through a variety of fees that can be charged to cardholders at different points throughout the lifecycle of the card. These fees include administration fees, transaction fees as well as fees generated through targeted offers to customers.

They are easy to load with funds through all BankWorld self-service banking channels ranging from cash acceptors at ATMs to BankWorld internet fund transfers.

Cards are created using the bank’s existing card production mechanisms and both magnetic stripe and chip and pin technologies are supported.

Increase Revenue

Card fees and charges
Maximisation of card availability
Large range of cards available – debit, credit, prepaid

Improve Customer Experience

International schemes
Multi-currency choice
Fraud prevention
Convenient prepaid or online payment services
Card personalisation
Card alert services 


Reduce Costs

Single integrated platform
Fraud detection
Reduce risks and errors
In-house production.

Our solution supports a wide range of international card schemes:

  • Visa Issuing Gateway
  • Visa Acquiring Gateway
  • MasterCard Issuing Gateway
  • MasterCard Acquiring Gateway
  • Union Pay International Issuing
  • Union Pay International Acquiring
  • Diners
  • Diners via MasterCard
  • JCB via MasterCard
  • Amex via MasterCard

Switch and Payment Gateway integrations

The solution provides gateways to a number of card management systems, payment systems and switches, such as:

  • Postillion
  • Jonet
  • S2M
  • TranzWare
  • PIN verification
  • Tieto
  • Powercard
  • Base 24
  • CTL
  • EBC 123
  • UAE Gateway
  • ZIM Switch
  • Openway
  • Shetab
  • SmartVisa
  • Myanmar Payment Union
  • NI Switch
  • Way 4U

Enhanced Security and Anti-Fraud

Card fraud is a sensitive and expensIve issue which can have a serious impact on your customer retention and public image.

CR2 tackles this issue with BankWorld Cards FraudTrap, a real-time monitoring system that enables you to identify and prevent fraud at its earliest possible moment. You can also define rules and check for fraudulent activity in more sophisticated transaction patterns.

Safety doesn’t happen by accident and CR2 goes even further to keep your customers secure by offering One Time passwords, card on/off control, decoupled cards and transaction notifications.