Experience and Success

CR2 has built a world-leading services organisation with the skills and experience to meet customer expectations on project delivery with a focus on quality and speed of delivery. Our team has successfully delivered thousands of projects in over 60 countries globally.

Over the past two decades, our digital banking platform has been extensively integrated into diverse banking environments. With our passionate Professional Services team, this knowledge and experience translates to faster deployment timeframes around the world, including some of the most challenging working environments, to undertake a critical banking project.

With delivery and development centres located in Ireland, UAE, Jordan, India, and Australia, banks are assured of availability of resources to successfully implement the platform via a combination of on-site and remote activities.

Flexible And Fast

One of the most significant strengths of BankWorld Digital Banking platform is its flexible integration framework that allows the platform to be deployed in any environment – it is agnostic to the incumbent banking environment – with proven integration to a very wide number of existing core and middleware systems. This ensures swift and rapid deployments with our highly experienced Professional Services team.

Adapting to Today’s Environment

CR2 quickly adapted to remote implementation of solutions, which has been hugely successful for our customers. Our flexible implementation process allows for complete off-site delivery with no requirement for travel to customer-site.

Hand in Hand Delivery

Our deployment teams comprise of Project Management, Product and Banking Consultants, Integration Team, Solution Architects, Training and Enablement Team and Account Management. Integration with 3rd party components is our strength and is a key element of any digital channel delivery. The CR2 Services Team has a dedicated integration team to address the integration of the BankWorld platform with all of the bank’s external and internal systems to deliver a successful end-to-end service. CR2 directly deploys and primes all of our projects with no dependency on outsourcing.

Our team of experts carry a deep knowledge of the banking ecosystem. Throughout the project, our team will work closely with the bank, sharing our knowledge and providing training and enablement of banking staff. This skill-share is critical and builds in-house capability and skill-set that is vital for banking staff.

Agile Project Management and Execution – Remote or on-site